Project Requirements:

Client Requires Mascot Logo, Standy Design, Office Wall and Door Printing Banner Design, Company Staff Id Card and Visiting Card Design. The Client‘s Main Requirement is to Create an Appealing and Professional Branding Mascot for His Business.


Our Challenge in This Project is That Client Wants to Add This Old Logo to Be Mixed With New Mascot, So We Have Mixed Them and Made New Mascot Logo. He Needs the Look of the Mascot a Lot Like a Professional Looking Fox Wearing Specs, a Shirt With Tie and Having a Cute, Smart Expression.


After Our Team Analyzes the Given Information, We Keep the Criteria in Front of the Desk. Next Up, We Focus on the Designing of the Mascot by Keeping in Mind the Given Details. Our Sketch Artist Starts Sketching Mascot Logo Ideas. We Design 3 Layout Options for the Mascot With the Combination of a Company Logo, Brand Material. We Also Design the Brand and All Branding Collaterals.